Online Bitcoin Casinos In Florida

Of all the reliable, trustworthy online Florida casino banking options, Bitcoin (stock symbol BTC) is by far the most popular in 2023. Even compared against the many other crypto coins accepted by the best FL casino sites, Bitcoin is the most widely used and preferred method.

Every legit online casino accepts Bitcoin for that very reason, and every reputable operator makes sure their Bitcoin gambling clientele gets the best possible deal.

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As such, Bitcoin casino deposits and Bitcoin casino payouts are the methods we recommend for most gamblers most of the time. Yes, there are other compelling crypto coins worth thinking about at some venues.

However, until all FL online gambling sites accept next-gen cryptos like Cardano and Solana, BTC betting will reign supreme. And truth be told, it’ll probably reign supreme for a long time after that, too.

Online FL Casinos With Bitcoin Deposits & Withdrawals In 2023

Site Bonus RatingVisit
Bovada table logo100% Up To $3,0004.9Visit SiteFull Review
Slots.Lv Casino200% Up To $5,0004.7Visit SiteFull Review
Cafe Casino350% Up To $2,5004.6Visit SiteFull Review
Casino Max325% Up To $9,7504.5Visit SiteFull Review

How To Make Online Bitcoin Casino Deposits

Making a Bitcoin deposit at any legit FL gambling site is simple enough if you already know how to buy and transfer Bitcoin. If you’re new to crypto, though, these processes might seem intimidating. Fortunately, there’s really nothing to it.

The first step is to actually buy Bitcoin. You can do this at any established commercial crypto exchange, such as Coinbase, Bittrex, Kraken, etc. You can also buy BTC with Cash App or through the popular Atomic Wallet platform.

Once you’ve bought BTC, the next step is to transfer it to your FL online casino of choice. To do that, you’ll naturally need to be a member at such a site. If you haven’t signed up with a trusted FL casino yet, follow any link on this page to do so. It’s free and takes all of two minutes.

Now, as a member at one (or more!) of the sites we recommend, here’s how to make gambling deposits using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency:

Here’s how it works from start to finish:

  1. At your site’s cashier page, select the BITCOIN option from the withdrawals menu.
  2. Open your BTC exchange wallet or private Bitcoin wallet and select the RECEIVE option.
  3. Copy down your wallet’s unique BITCOIN RECEIVING ADDRESS.
  4. At your FL casino site, paste this BTC receiving address into the recipient field provided, along with the total amount of funds you’d like to withdraw.
  5. Submit your FL casino payout ticket.

As with deposits, your BTC payout will only take 30-60 minutes after approval to show up in your crypto wallet. Usually, approval is automatic. However, if you’re claiming a particularly large payout (i.e. several thousands of dollars), your site may require manual approval. This can add 1-2 hours to your same-day Bitcoin payout.

FL Online Casino Same-Day Payouts With Bitcoin

So, about those payouts: One of the main reasons we always advocate that online gamblers use Bitcoin to fund their accounts is that doing so familiarizes them with the crypto betting process. And the crypto betting process really pays off when it comes to payouts!

Because the best online FL casinos are all located outside US borders in international offshore gambling locales, it takes days or even weeks for gamblers in Florida to get paid via courier check or bank wire. For those interested in only the fastest paying online casino options, that just won’t cut it.

But with Bitcoin/crypto withdrawals, the best sites all offer guaranteed same-day payouts. Even if your withdrawal needs manual cashier approval, you’ll still be cash – er, crypto – “in hand” within just a few hours. Plus, because there are no added fees no matter how much money you pull out, the deal’s just that much better.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Bonus IconIf you want bonuses as big as the sun – and if you live in the Sunshine State, you probably do – then Bitcoin shines especially bright. No matter which online FL casino you join, you’ll always get bigger, better bonuses with Bitcoin or when you make a casino deposit with Bitcoin Cash. (as well as other supported cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.).

Because it’s both in your best interest and your site’s best interest that all transactions are handled via BTC/crypto, these venues “sweeten the pot” when you deposit with such methods.

Generally speaking, a Bitcoin casino bonus is worth 2-3 times as much as a standard non-crypto deposit bonus. Even better, the associated bonus playthrough requirements are usually the same as those for more traditional deposit methods.

These are the common Bitcoin casino promos you’ll find at all the sites supported in our Florida online casino reviews:

  • Bitcoin Casino Sign-Up BonusFor New Members
  • Bitcoin Casino Reload BonusFor Existing Members
  • Bitcoin Casino Daily BonusDifferent Promos Each Day
  • Bitcoin Casino Weekly BonusWeekly Challenges/Raffles
  • Bitcoin Casino Referral BonusRefer A Friend For Free BTC!

FL Bitcoin Casino Limits, Speeds, And Fees

Fast Paying online casinosBitcoin is our most recommended gambling banking option for FL residents, but it’s not necessarily going to be the best option for your needs. It really all depends on what aspect of casino banking matters most to you.

For many players, the BTC bonuses are reason enough to use this method, while others appreciate that BTC transfers can never be interrupted and are 100% secure. Still others like that same-day payouts are available with BTC.

That said, Bitcoin is a legacy cryptocurrency. That is, there are more modern options that are even faster and even cheaper. But balance is the key, and Bitcoin is extremely balanced – especially for new players and first-time crypto casino gamblers. That’s why, for so many FL residents, it just works.

Bitcoin Online Gambling Limits

  • BTC Minimum Deposit: $10-$20
  • BTC Maximum Deposit: $5000-$500,000
  • BTC Minimum Payout: $10-$20
  • BTC Maximum Payout: $5000-UNLIMITED

Bitcoin Online Gambling Speeds

  • BTC Deposit Speeds: 30-60 minutes
  • BTC Payout Speeds: 1-3 hours

Bitcoin Online Gambling Fees

  • BTC Deposit Fees: No added fees
  • BTC Payout Fees: No added fees
  • BTC Blockchain Fees: Variable, up to 5% of total

Alternatives To Bitcoin For Online Gambling

Finally, we wouldn’t be doing our due diligence – and you wouldn’t be doing your due diligence – if we didn’t discuss a few Bitcoin casino banking alternatives. After all, every site accepts multiple different crypto coins, and you don’t want to screw up and make headlines as the next Florida Man by not thinking this thing through, right?

So, to ensure you cover all your bases and make the smartest possible financial decision for your  online betting activities, we’ve got a brief rundown of Bitcoin compared against various other popular cryptos accepted by the best FL online gambling sites.

Florida Bitcoin Casino FAQs

What is a Bitcoin casino?

A casino that supports Bitcoin deposits and payouts

All the most reputable online casino sites in operation today accept FL residents and support BTC deposits and BTC payouts.

Bitcoin is a common sign of legitimacy in the online gambling world.

Now, not all BTC casinos are legit BTC casinos, but if an online FL casino doesn’t feature Bitcoin in its banking menu, you know it’s not legit.

Is Bitcoin casino gambling legal in Florida?


Bitcoin gambling is 100% legal in FL, as there are no laws against Bitcoin being used as currency for legal goods and services.

Since online gambling at offshore casinos is legal in the state, so too is funding that online gambling with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Are there any Florida Indian casinos that take Bitcoin?

Not as of 2023

While there is nothing stopping the Seminole Tribe or Miccosukee Tribe from accepting Bitcoin as gambling deposits in their casinos or paying their customers out in Bitcoin, they do not currently offer this service.

Bitcoin support at the institutional casino level – that is, at brick-and-mortar casinos regulated by the state or operating through a Class II federal designation or Class III state compact – is not all that desired by operators.

The reason why is simply because BTC support muddies the waters regarding taxable winnings, tax rates, etc. Bitcoin is generally too volatile for retail FL casinos to worry about.

Online, of course, it’s a different story, as international casino sites aren’t obligated to report wins or losses to the government on behalf of any player.

If you gamble at an online casino and use Bitcoin, it is up to you to report all your winnings as income per federal law. (There is no state income tax in Florida.)

Warning: Offshore FL Bitcoin casinos are not tax shelters. Please always report your online gambling winnings on your income taxes.

Are all Bitcoin gambling sites safe?

Not by a long shot

Not only are not all BTC gambling sites safe, most BTC gambling sites are extremely unsafe.

There are a lot of FL online casino scams out there, and Bitcoin/crypto transactions are one of their favorite ways to abscond with your money.

It’s extremely important that you only gamble online in FL with trusted, time-tested sites like those featured in our Florida casino reviews.

These services have millions of players from around the USA, and they take their online reputations extremely seriously.

Remember that with Bitcoin transactions, trust is the name of the game.

What are the best Bitcoin casinos in Florida?

The sites we recommend here

All the sites featured among our legit online Florida casino reviews can be considered the best BTC casinos in FL.

These operators all tick the right boxes in terms of their services, standards, and game selections, and we’ve been members at each of these venues for years.

We’re sure there are a handful of other legit FL casino sites out there that we haven’t yet added to our approved list of operators, but we can 100% vouch for the services featured here.

Are Florida Bitcoin casinos anonymous?


Any venue that advertises itself as an “anonymous Bitcoin casino” is blowing smoke and is probably a scam.

Why? Because Bitcoin itself is not anonymous.

There are very few truly anonymous cryptocurrencies out there, and no legit Florida casino site supports any of those coins. Bitcoin transactions are traceable and trackable, just like all other major cryptocurrency transfers.

While BTC is more anonymous than credit cards or debit cards or checks, it’s not 100% anonymous.

Bitcoin’s true strength as a currency is in the fact that it’s not hackable, BTC transfers can’t be intercepted or stopped or reversed, and the open-ledger blockchain provides bulletproof transparency to users.

What are the best Bitcoin gambling games in Florida?


Slots are always the best casino games.

That’s true at brick-and-mortar Florida casinos, at online FL Bitcoin casinos, and at every other kind of casino anywhere else in the world.

Where can I get a FL Bitcoin casino no-deposit bonus?


These kinds of promotions are not commonly offered by legit online casinos anymore.

Years ago, many online betting sites gave players free chips or free spins for signing up, without requiring any deposits first. Today, that practice is largely gone.

It’s a better deal for everyone involved when players simply accept their sites’ standard deposit bonuses or enhanced Bitcoin deposit bonuses. The playthrough requirements are much easier to meet, and the promo amounts are much bigger, too.

Plus, nobody’s just giving away free Bitcoin, and that includes Bitcoin casino free chips. The stuff is simply too valuable!

Can I play slots with Bitcoin in Florida?


Well, it actually depends.

At FL casino sites, Bitcoin slots aren’t necessarily played “with Bitcoin.” That’s always up to you.

Whenever you make a deposit in BTC, you’ll be given the choice to keep that BTC credited to your account in mBTC (milliBitcoin) or as USD. We recommend the former, but some sites offer valuable perks for converting your BTC to USD upon depositing.

So, depending on how you’ve chosen to have your money credited to your betting account, that will determine whether you’re playing online slots with BTC or with USD.

Can I play blackjack with Bitcoin in Florida?


As with BTC slots, BTC blackjack access depends on whether you’ve kept your deposit credited to your account as Bitcoin/milliBitcoin or as US dollars.

If you keep it as BTC/mBTC, them you’ll be risking a bit of Bitcoin on every round of online blackjack.

Can I play roulette with Bitcoin in Florida?


As with BTC slots and BTC blackjack, you can play roulette with Bitcoin in FL if you’ve chosen to have your Bitcoin deposit credited to your account in BTC/mBTC.

Do FL online casinos offer Bitcoin poker?


While all FL casino websites offer video poker as a matter of course, video poker is technically a casino game. Online poker is not.

Online poker is a live multiplayer game rather than an electronic game or live-dealer game. Basically, it’s just like playing in a real Florida poker room, only online.

Most FL online casinos don’t support Internet poker rooms like this due to the technological requirements and costs on the server side.

That said, if you want to play online poker at a legit Florida bitcoin poker site, we recommend Bovada Casino. Bovada has a full tournament poker room with cash tables, Sit-N-Gos, Zone Poker tables, and more.