Florida Online Live Dealer Blackjack

After online slots, online blackjack is the most popular Internet-based gambling game in the Sunshine State. However, online 21 has one big advantage over online slot machines: live-dealer play. Florida live-dealer online blackjack takes the classic electronic blackjack experience and replaces the computer’s RNG software with a real dealer in real time. As such, live blackjack is one of the most true-to-life FL live-dealer online casino games there is.

The best online casinos in Florida employ web streaming technology that lets you pull up a seat at the table, chat with the house and other players, and enjoy the experience of “being there” without actually being there. Now you can finally play real-dealer blackjack no matter where you are, from the cubical in your building and your lounger on the beach to the long line at Disney World and everywhere in between!

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Top Rated Live Blackjack Site For Florida Casino Gamblers In 2024

Bovada Casino Bonus: 100% Up To $3,000

Bovada Casino, launched in 2011, has been offering live online blackjack and other live online casino games for years. The site’s live casino software is designed by Visionary iGaming, which is one of the biggest names in real-money live online gambling.

Bovada live blackjack is the most popular real-dealer casino game at the site, with 20+ live 21 tables operating around the clock. These different online blackjack tables boast betting limits for players of all means, making live blackjack accessible no matter your skill level.

New Bovada players can take advantage of the site’s $3000 sign-up bonus, though it should be noted that live blackjack does not contribute to Bovada bonus playthrough requirements.

  • Operates legally out of Costa Rica, a trusted offshore gambling jurisdiction
  • Full live-dealer casino powered by Visionary iGaming (ViG)
  • Live online casino tables open 24/7/365
  • Multiple live casino betting limits for players of all means
  • 250+ electronic casino games utilizing Realtime Gaming + Rival Gaming software
  • Crypto + credit/debit card support
  • Fastest-payout online casino with crypto withdrawals
  • Full live casino, RNG casino, sportsbook, and racebook
  • FL blackjack players accepted at 18+

Best Online Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos
For Florida Residents In 2024

Site Bonus RatingVisit
Bovada table logo100% Up To $3,0004.9Visit SiteFull Review
Slots.Lv Casino200% Up To $5,0004.7Visit SiteFull Review
Cafe Casino350% Up To $2,5004.6Visit SiteFull Review
Casino Max325% Up To $9,7504.5Visit SiteFull Review

Is Online Live Dealer Blackjack Legal In Florida?

Yes, but only at legitimate online casinos based outside of both FL and US borders. And despite Florida gambling expansion being considered at the state level – along with a pending new FL tribal gambling compact with the Seminole – it is unlikely that online casino gambling (aka iGaming) will be available at the domestic level any time soon. As such, offshore is the only game in town.

Luckily, as long as you meet your live casino site’s minimum age requirement (18 and up at most operators), you can safely and legally play online casino games – including live-dealer online blackjack – any time you want without breaking any FL gambling laws.    

Florida Online Live-Dealer Blackjack Games

Unlike electronic online blackjack that uses RNG (random number generation) software, live-dealer online blackjack goes the traditional brick-and-mortar route. That is, you play in front of a real trained dealer who shuffles the cards, cuts the decks, and deals in real time.

This mimics the live gambling experience at the best Florida Hard Rock casino resorts, and you can even engage in discussion with your dealer and other players at the table through your site’s live chat function.

That said, because live-dealer casino blackjack employs actual dealers, the total number of live blackjack game variants is smaller than you’ll find with RNG online blackjack. In general, Florida live casino 21 is comprised of the following blackjack table options, regardless of the site you choose:

  • Early Payout Blackjack: $5-$100
  • Early Payout Blackjack: $25-$1000
  • Early Payout Blackjack: $100-$2500
  • Classic Blackjack: $10-$500
  • Classic Blackjack: $15-$750
  • Classic Blackjack: $20-$1000
  • Classic Blackjack: $25-$1000
  • Classic Blackjack: $50-$1500
  • Classic Blackjack: $100-$2500
  • Classic Blackjack: $250-$5000

At most legal Florida online casinos, real live blackjack allows for unlimited bet behinds, aka unlimited “back betting.” This lets you place wagers based on the hands of any player at the table, and it’s an excellent option for beginners who’ve never played live online BJ before. (Back betting is also great when you want to play a live game of blackjack online but all the tables are currently full.)

Back betting on the live blackjack tables is like playing RNG blackjack games with the added real-dealer element and the enhanced interactivity and immersion that live casino gambling affords.

Note: “Early payout blackjack” has the same rules as classic 21, but if you have high odds of winning the round, you can opt to take a portion of your potential winnings instead of completing the game. While you’ll win less money – or lose less money – accepting this option, such hedging can be a valuable online blackjack strategy.

Florida Live Dealer Blackjack Mobile Apps

In our experience, live-dealer 21 is best enjoyed on the big screen in full-screen mode. We generally prefer playing on our desktop computers or home entertainment PCs for this reason.

However, with modern mobile technology and web-based responsive design – along with ready access to 4G and 5G cellular bands – mobile live blackjack is now very possible and very passable!

As long as you have a relatively modern mobile device, you should be able to easily play uninterrupted live blackjack online from wherever you are. There’s nothing to download or update, and all the top FL online mobile casinos use responsive design technology so your experience fits any size of screen across any make and model, from the smallest iPhone to the largest Android.

The top gambling sites also employ “disconnection protection,” so if you ever lose your cellular or Wi-Fi data signal, your hand will automatically stand and you won’t be dealt into any successive rounds.

When you want to live life and play live blackjack online at the same time, these FL mobile casino options are all hit and no miss!

Florida Online Live Blackjack Bonuses

One of the biggest negatives about FL live blackjack at our favorite sites is that these games of 21 contribute zero to any active online casino bonus tied to your account. This is an industry-wide policy, and every site we recommend has this limitation.

The reason for this is simple: Live casino games – including online blackjack and other traditional favorites – cost these casinos a lot more money to run than typical RNG electronic casino games. As such, the margins are lower and the sites simply can’t afford to let customers use live play to satisfy their casino promo playthrough requirements.

However, we still recommend that you take any online casino bonus offered, as live blackjack players usually play computer-controlled online 21 with regularity.

Note: Occasionally, you’ll come across a site advertising live blackjack bonus eligibility. However, please be sure you check out the fine print before accepting such online gambling promos. In the rare cases these blackjack promotions are offered, we’ve found that the bonus contribution rates are as low as 1%.

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Florida Live Dealer Online Blackjack Free Games

If you gamble online with a reputable FL offshore casino site like those featured here, you’ve probably seen that many vendors offer some or all of their electronic casino games in a free-to-play format (usually as “demo” modes or “practice” modes).

This is a customer-friendly way for gambling sites to let new players learn the ins and outs of each different game.

However, no reputable online casino offers free live casino games. This is because, as with bonuses, free online live blackjack and other online free live casino games would do a lot of damage to the operator’s margins. Remember, live blackjack dealers are paid for their services, and they can only get paid if players bet real money.

That said, you can always play free online blackjack RNG games at most of the sites featured here, so if you want to take a break from the action – and give your bank account a break, too – that’s the best way to do it without losing your blackjack edge.

FL Live-Dealer Blackjack Vs. Electronic Online Blackjack

All the best online Florida casinos have both live and computer-controlled RNG games for markets that lend themselves to both types of play. Some games, such as FL online slots or FL online craps, have no real way to incorporate dealers, but amusements like 21, roulette, and baccarat do. Blackjack, naturally, is the best example of this.

Many players undoubtedly prefer live-dealer BJ to the electronic game, and there are definite perks to playing live online blackjack compared against playing the many electronic online blackjack sims available at the best venues:

  • More immersive gameplay – Live-streaming video and audio makes it feel like you’re playing at a real retail casino.
  • Better social experience – Chat with your blackjack dealer and other players at your online blackjack table.
  • Higher betting limits – Bet bigger and win more when you play at the high-roller blackjack tables.
  • Best practice for Vegas – Live online blackjack better prepares you to play real casino blackjack in person.

Of course, the electronic 21 game is plenty of fun in its own right. In fact, as seasoned blackjack players ourselves, we still find the virtual blackjack sims to draw us in more frequently than the live-dealer game. Here’s why:

  • Faster and more convenient – Since there’s no waiting on other players, and there’s always room at the table.
  • Online casino bonuses – Earn bonus rollover/playthrough credits playing electronic online blackjack sims.
  • Free online blackjack – Live-dealer 21 has no free-to-play variants, but simulated blackjack does!
  • More variety – RNG 21 offers many more different kinds of blackjack with different themes, rules, and payouts.